Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Midnight Report

It's already 12.45 am now and dear hubby is already sleeping. It is actually already late for my standard but I had just woke up for my isyak prayer, and decided to check some papers submitted by my officer before I go to sleep. I'll be going to Kuching this coming Thursday so I better clear as much so that less work will be waiting for me once I'm back.

My boss and another DD were again out of the office and I was left alone today. I do not mind being left alone but things just went hectic when one big boss came and requested some information which is supposed to be handled by the other DD..adush...panic gue. Pada masa tu la juga, all files went missing and my DD friend's handphone did not work. What a day it was.

Anyway, I still managed to forward dear boss with the information, Alhamdulillah. In the afternoon, dear Boss came to my room and requested the information to be improved for the coming meeting between minister and the company. I will leave that task to my DD friend lah, gue sudah tidak larat.

Coming back to my own work, I hardly manage to settle my things since I was so busy settling others. Somehow, those whom I need were not around...I became officer and boss at the same time. At one point, I have almost raised my voice to dear PA...yeah, she keeps on telling me, 'cikbib, please call back  MR...., he needs to speak to you' and I just...what? biar je la, dia nak dia cakap dengan saya dia call balik la...hmmm, very promotional of me?..huh? but believe me, that only happened when I was very much under pressure.

Once everything settled, you will feel as if you have been squeezed and left feeling extremely tired. I missed lunch (mood tak dek) and by 5.00 o'clock I just do not feel like continuing wiyh my work. I decided to just go home, have dinner, maybe take an early sleep and continue working after that. Alhamdulillah, that was just what I did..

And now, I am ready to retire for the night for the second time. There will be an early meeting tomorrow....I pray for a cheerful productive day ahead...insya allah

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