Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Say no to....

It is now 2.15 p.m. and I have just entered my room after attending 3 meetings back to back since 8.30 this morning. It was a tiring and stressful meetings but I am so thankful that I have good officers, they have presented their paper convincingly and except for some small mistakes here and there, the committee has agreed with all our proposals, alhamdulillah.

What I am going to highlight today is not about the meeting but it is about me who failed to say no....

Since the first meeting started at 8.30, breakfast with nasi lemak and three types of kuih was served. I wallop the nasi lemak and 2 kuehs...ha ha

Then, at 9.00 o'clock, I have moved to the next meeting room where again they served 3 different type of kuehs and tea/coffee. Since I was worried and full, I did not touch the kuehs..at first, but when all papers from my division were presented and approved, I started to eat the kuehs..to celebrate la konon.

To eat 3 kuehs actually was filling enough, but after that, they served bihun at around 1.30.  And I...though not hungry, could not say no to the food...haaaa, I wallop the bihun pulak.

Actually the chairman have also had breakfast with me at the first meeting and he was also eating his bihun, for lunch pulak la kan..macam la kami kerja kat sawah padi dan menggunakan semua kalori yang diambil..he he ..itu fasal la badan dia dengan I hampir sama, ha ha ha..but, the most interesting thing is that, the person who sat next to me Puan N, was simply telling the tea lady, no, I do not want to eat. Infact the tea lady came twice to confirm whether she really did not want anything for lunch.

Ha ha ha, actually life is simple as that, you eat more, you gain more fat. If you want to loose weight, learn to say no to food...haaa...but as always, to console myself, I would just tell myself that I will skip dinner tonight, yeah, tonight, no dinner ye cikbib

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  1. Taknak dinner yer... tp makan gak nasi dgn sambal tumis ikan masin yer...