Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am feeling bad lah now. I was not able to explain about a product in the meeting just now and is feeling dissapointed. Maybe it is partly due to the hormones..yup, I am about to get that P!

Usually in a situation like this I will call hubby. But today, I sulk, so, calling him is so totally out of the question, heeee.

But I must console myself right. I must love myself kan? so...why did I fail to convince the meeting just now?

1) my knowledge is limited. I joined the industry for 9 months only, heyyy, give yourself a break man

2) I am not a good speaker? yup? but I know I have given better explanation before...PMS? it must be PMS

3) and, the others in the meeting has got experience more than 10 years in their field....soooo...give yourself some time babe.

Huh, rasa nak nangis...atau nak tidor? nak tidur dululah, and I hope I will wake up happier...chow dulu guys..

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