Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before Kuching Trip

I realised how important it is to get involved in discussions or a simple chats in the office because that is the easiest way for you to gain knowledge. Breakfast in a group especially will get you updated on the current issues, be it on politics, economy or policy. And of course not forgetting hot gossips.

Yesterday, the first two hours of my morning was spent simply talking to my new boss. I am very thankful to God for sending my new boss over. He is a very simple, full of knowledge, work hard and smart, sincere and simple dislike staying back and bring his work back..ha ha...but the most important thing is, he is acting human and realistic. A good start, and may it maintain that way as long as possible, aaaamiiiin.

There was another discussion in the afternoon and a friend stopped by after that. Since I was rather desperate to clear the outstanding work, I smsed hubby and ask him to call me, yeah, a subtle message for my friend, I am just a little busy today babe and could not entertain you, and it worked, but I could not help but feeling time ye.

After Maghrib, I drove home and when I reached home, hubby was already waiting outside the house and we went out for dinner at Pak Mal's nasi ayam restaurant. I had mihun soup and hubby ordered nasi ayam.

Once we reached home, I took my bath but could not started packing for tomorrow. Why am I so penat ni?

I tried to get some sleep but somehow my bathroom door kept on making some noise which was kind of spooky, ha, I decided to join hubby downstairs. I thought he was watching tv, ghope ghopenya, lena. So, apa lagi, I pun turned off the tv and joined him sleeping on the carpet.

There were those days when we just could not close our eyes and sleep, even when you are on a very comfortable bed. But last night, that did not happen. The moment my head touched the pillow, I dozed off. Nikmat betulll!

Hmm, around 3.30 I woke up. I thought of continuing sleeping and only to wake up at 4.30 but hubby insisted that I need to pack my things then. Well, since I joined kelab isteri taat tuh...ha ha ha...well, I started ironing and packing. I wanted to sleep again, but could not so I decided to update this blog.

I 'll be away to Kuching today and will only be back on Friday night. So, doakan saya selamat pergi dan balik, and if I were rajin and has got the energy, I will do some update on Friday nite..okay...bye

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