Thursday, June 23, 2011

bla bla bla

There were days when I reached home and longed for my sleep. The first two days of this week was the good example where I reached home, cooked dinner, ate, pray and the moment when I touched the pillow, I simply went out of this world.

I puasa on Monday, and that explained why I was so tired at night. And Tuesday was a very long and tiring day. The first meeting started at 8.30 and the next one started at 9.00. In between, I have to go out of the meeting to attend another meeting. It goes the same in the afternoon. I was even more stressed out when I was informed that one of her case was rejected since it does not tally with the latest policy. I have to raised the paper again towards the end of the meeting, but it was rejected. Sedih and sakit kepala gue. They asked me to prepare another paper to amend the policy. Another task.

Haa, but yesterday was generally a better day. I reached home fresher and cooked dinner. The menu was, ikan masak gulai lemak kuning, ikan goreng cicah kicap/asam/cabai burung....hmmm...seronok tengok hubby makan. But thinking about it, nasib baik la I seldom masakkan, if not, both hubby and I will become bigger and bigger lah.

We even managed to watch a very good movie at HBO...the title was something like : Redemption of ....(lupa), starring Morgan Freeman. Watch this movie, it's a good one!

Today, I am fasting again, and if  I am able to complete it, there will be only one day happy.

Okay, time for my nap...bye

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