Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back...16 November 2013

Heyyy, I am back.

I wanted to tell story about the programme I handled, but decided not to since I am trying to get over it first...I would like to talk about something else but work.

I am healing...yeah, still continue to pray for Imran's recovery of course..please pray with me.

Called my emak this morning and she told me that she is having some knee pain...maybe I will go back on Monday...yup, just found out that my boss has actually approved my application to take leave on Monday and Tuesday. Really need some break after working very hard for the past 2-3 weeks....

Ohh, hubby asked me to speak softer and smile more...heeee...he was with me today and saw how I interact with the participants in the programme I handled. He said, I was too serious...senyum cikbib dan sila lembut sikit...that will be a challenge for me, really.

And heyyy, FBI will not appear in Hot FM again after this...I must say that I am affected. I remember how FBI has mistakenly announced about the demise of the Y.Dipertuan Agung at that time which was not true...he was 'sacked' and was not allowed to appear on the radio for sometime. I remember when he started his job with Hot FM, he said this : "being away from the radio was very hard for me since I just love being a radio DJ".

And that really makes me wonder why he suddenly decided to quit. But I must say that I respect him for that, yup, for being able to keep whatever problem faced to himself. Not even a word from him on the "caused" of why he quits Hot FM. Some people make a lot of noise about their "unhappiness" at their work place...keluar semua rahsia rumahtangga....

Okay lah...sampai sini dulu...ehhh, saya menulis dalam English la plak, pardon my language ye, kut tersalah sana sini tu...

Have a nice weekend!

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