Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Melaka 2013 Trip...Introduction

Saya baru balik dari Melaka. Ye lah, nak taking a break kononnya kan? Okay aja trip kali ni, tapi cuaca sangatttt panas. Hmm, basah lokoih (betul tak saya gunakan perkataan lokoih ni?) saya, baju pulak bawak cukup-cukup...haaaa, jenuh membudget baju yang nak dipakai.

Gambar untuk trip ni belum upload lagi, I'll do it later ye, but tonight, I am going to write about....

Objectives of the trip were (cakap pasai Melaka jugak ni, he he) :

i)  for me and hubby to relax ourselves..heee, I tell you, I need this, so does hubby. I feel that it is necessary to go somewhere and do something else which is not related to work. I am having something in my mind actually, but I could not share it with you.

ii) to seronok-seronok tinggal kat hotel . Heeee, macam budak kecik pulak kan? Tapi saya suka tau, jadi saya mengaku sahajalah. For this trip, kami tinggal di Hatten Hotel. We found out about the hotel from Agoda lah, it was on top of Agoda's proposed list. 

It is a new Hotel and cheaper from Eq..so, kami pun pilih lah

We wanted to stay in a hotel which allows us to walk around Bandar Hilir...instead of driving, you know how bad the traffic is around the area. The hotel we stayed is supposed to provide us that lah, and memang betul pun. The Hotel allows us to walk to Afamosa but for us to reach the other side, we still have to climb the St Paul's hill. Heeee...

I love climbing the hill and actually and I do not mind at all but somehow my feet hurt lah. Maybe because I did not wear a proper shoes, I wore my red pair of slippers only. 

Anyway, we still managed to walk to the Afamosa, climbed the St Paul hill and from there we went down and had dinner somewhere near the jetty for the boat cruise along the Malacca river.

After that, of course we took the boat ride and walked to Jonker Street. Heyy, ada Hard Rock Shop/Cafe la dekat Jonker Street tu, hubby telah beli satu T-shirt.

After we were done at Jonker Street, we decided to take a cab back to our hotel. Dia awal-awal dah cakap yang dia charge RM7 satu kepala and we just didn't care...naik aja. I dah tak larat waktu tu, my feet hurt and the whether was very hot...melengeh lagi, haaaa, by night time, I dah habis dua baju dah...lenjun.

Somehow hubby was segar bugar and asked me to go out again for another night market nearby(they call it uptown). I was interested, but I was tak larat..so, no no...sorry babe.

Saya pun tidur ajalah...and the next day, we woke up, had breakfast and went for a swim. After that we started packing and drove back to Shah Alam...cuaca panas sepanjang jalan, alhamdulillah ada sunglasses...

Ehhh...dah melalut nih...heeee...okeh, objective ke 3 pulak ye

iii) objective ke 3 I believe was to spend more time together. Hmmm...mungkin ini objective I sorang kut because most of the time hubby was either browsing the internet, baca paper or playing the computer game. But since I am a 40 years old woman, I am not suppose to merajuk lah kan and instead find my own things to do like berangan...ha ha ha, nasib baik berangan adalah kegemaran saya sejak kecil lagi.

Overall, the trip was fun lah but I am thankful that I decided to take another day leave tomorrow because I am feeling rather tired, I believe it is due to the heat.

Okay guys, selamat bekerja bagi yang bekerja, selamat belajar bagi yang belajar dan selamat menjalankan apa juga amanah yang telah diberikan Allah bagi yang lain...have a productive days ahead

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