Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ooo Anas


It is 10.12 pm, hubby is sleeping and I am updating this blog. It is raining outside and in fact it has been raining since morning. I pray that the weather will improve by this Friday since we are expecting important guests from Semenanjung.

Yesterday, my nephew Anas has informed me that he is going to delete his blog. The reasons given were because he is too busy with his studies and he feels that he has grown up and his current blog does not seem to be relevant anymore (too childish, he has grown up). I understand his problem and if he decided to delete his blog, I have nothing against it.

But just now, I have read my old post in 2012 when I wrote about my experience moving to a new office building. I wrote about my new room, about how one of the boxes was lost and was only found one week after I moved, about how I felt about the room/new office and also about my hope in keeping the room tidy. 

After reading what I wrote, I have decided that this blog of mine will stay because it documented what happened in my life and also the way I feel about it. 

This blog is my life journal. 

I may not like what I have done, I may disagree with some of the decisions I made, but that is what the blog is, it grows with me, we changed, and insyaa allah, we improved...through the years.

I cannot really say that I can see improvement in way I write though...but I can see changes. Yeah, there was this period where I write in English fully, than slowly it changed tooo...yup, now I write in my bahasa pasar, yup, bahasa orang Perak pulak dah. Except for this post lah where suddenly I used English.

Anas said that he will keep on updating his facebook. And yes Anas, be it in your blog, or your facebook, Cikbib will try to keep track. 

Semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan Anas di sana, semoga Anas dapat fokus dan berjaya mengharungi segala cabaran yang mendatang. Insyaa allah, cita-cita Anas akan tercapai. Aamiin

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