Monday, April 23, 2012

23 April 2012 : Monday Monday

It's Monday, 10.43 a.m.

I woke up early and managed to get out from the house early only to find the Federal Highway's traffic was very bad...I prayed hard then, yeah, the usual prayer " Please, let me arrive on time'.

Yup, arrived at 8.30, sharp!

The moment I entered my room, the phone was ringing and according to the number appeared on the screen, the call must be from Terengganu/Kelantan/Pahang...adoiiii, picked it up. Yeah, company..again, the complain was that he tried to call officer, but the officer never not picked up his telephone, therefore the company decided to call the boss lah kan. Sabarrrr...and jawab dengan penuh diplomatiknya

After that, I went to buy breakfast since I was feeling hungry. Yeah, I did not take dinner last night. Once I got back from buying my breakfast, I was informed that there was this company waiting for me at the reception area at the lobby, without any appointment and this co. came to see me already last week. Huh...I decided to keep quite, lariiii, but suddenly, the visitors were already in my boss's room...huk aloh.

Lepas tu, tiba tiba ada satu lagi company yang telah berada di depan pintu Bahagian..laaaa, macam mana boleh lepas kawalan nih? bukan they should wait downstairs ke? Mereka bukan ada buat appointment pun. Adoiiiiii, kalau semua company buat macam ini, saya hari hari pun kena kerja malam la...sebab siang asyik melayan orang aja...

Adoiiii....hebatnya minggu ini bermula. Lepas cos. ni pergi, baru lah saya sempat makan, dan sekarang ni tengah buat kerja audit and stucked...tak pe, update blog ni sat. Adoiii, semoga saya dapat buat kerja saya dengan sempurna, insya allah.

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