Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's Wrap Up The Week

Heeee, it's Sunday nite again and tomorrow, another busy week is waiting.

I slept for more than two hours this morning, he he, after breakfast. I deserve the break I guess.

After that, we went for lunch and headed to PKNS Kompleks, yup, to find baju kurung, for office wear. I almost given up buying anything till I accidentally entered the last shop and bought three pairs sekaligus..he he he.

Hmm, after that, we headed home for solat asar and went out again, yup, to visit Atim. Za, Atim's wife has delivered a baby girl last week...her name is, Azyan Alillah....bulat and baik...tidur aja kerjanya.

Lepas tu balik, mandi, masuk kain ke dalam washing machine for another round...and tengok blog ni, rasa dah ngantuk sebenarnya...

Oh, yesterday, when I was cleaning the house, I was so surprised that hubby has actually managed to clear 50% of the job...I am so touched. No doubt he is at home since he is under MC, but the fact that he really cleared up some of the task really touched me. Thank you Shuk.

ok lah...mengantuk lah...have a productive week ahead everyone

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