Friday, December 2, 2011

Back With a Vengeance

I want so much to use the title 'Back With a Vengeance', but don't worry I am not planning to have any revenge yet to anyone or anything, ha ha.

Basically I am back in Malaysia now after my 10 days business trip to Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Since this was my first S P M trip overseas, I consider it as okay. I have learned a lot and I am thankful that I was given the opportunity, and if I were given the opportunity again, insya allah I would do it better.

I have visitied 7 factories in Guangzhou and the visits really opened my eyes on how big China is. There were many people everywhere be it weekdays and it will be even worse on weekends. The airport is full of people and also the train stations. I took flight to Xiamen and it was full both ways. My train trip to Hong Kong was the same, the train was full both ways. Ramai betul manusia di Bumi China ini!!

The size of the factories were so huge that it is almost 9 to 10 times the size of factories in Malaysia. And the main factor why these industries is able to be competitive is the fact that they don't have to worry about market at all, their local market is huge and only less than 20% of their product is for export.

I was not really able to look at the technology since the meetings were held in meeting/board rooms and control rooms. Maybe they do not think that we are not interested to visit  the furnace, haaa, actually I was really looked forward to look, witness and learn. That is the best way to learn/improve actually.

My presentations?...Hmmmmm

Are the cities clean? Generally it is clean. Even the toilets are not bad but you have to bring bottle around since there's no water provided in the toilet.

But I do think that they need to train the cleaners to do their work. I observed that cleaners in China keep on firing others/public while doing their job (they are a little rough I must say). And while they were carrying all those rubbish, it should be covered so that the smell and the sight do not bother others.

I cannot help comparing this attitude with the Japanese.  The Japanese carry out their job passionately with pride and manners. The rubbish collectors will ensure that their rubbish bin is clean, and believe me, it is very very clean that you can sleep and eat in the bin. The lady who cleans the toilet smiles to you when you enter their territory. They are happy to be able to provide clean toilet to users.

Yeah, the physical development is China is undeniably very advanced, unfortunately, the mental development among the people is still moving very slow. But being communist, the government is working their way to make sure that the people will develop together with the country.

I have to stop now since hubby promised to have lunch at home. I have to start cooking. I will continue later.

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