Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hong Kong Part 2

Hong Kong part 2 will focus on food. Haaaa, the very important maaa.

The first night, after checked in, we dine at Jojo's place which is located opposite our hotel 'the empire'. Hmmm, it is an Indian shop. I decided to avoid chicken and kambing though because I wasn't sure whether it is halal or not. I ordered roti nan with dhal. Sharmilla ordered mixed bread and dhal while encik ramli ordered nasi with chicken apa ntah plus ikan masak apa ntah...ha ha..tapi okay lah, kami makan dengan gembiranya...ha ha, bila yang tak gembiranya kan

anis and I...tak de gambar food laaaa, lupa nak amik

encik ramli and milla

laaaa, lupa nak ambil gambar food, sorry ye.

The next day, setelah ditinggalkan oleh team Guangzhou, we have had a small meeting to plan our activities for the night. We decided to go to Harbour City again, and also to go and visit the tailor and Nathan road. The best thing was, once we went out from the train station, we were approached by someone who promoted their restaurant, halal restaurant. Since we only had roti kosong for lunch, we followed the guy and tadaaaa.....haaaaaa

we ordered seafood spaghetti and chicken mandi...sedap...sedap...kedai yang ni memang muslim owned, so, I ate happily.

The next day, alamak, yang ni dah cerita, kami makan pizza di Ngong something...dah lupa.

Malamnya kami nak pergi makan di satu tempat ni, namanya macam babas camtu, supposed to belong to a Malaysian. Unfortunately, since it was Saturday night, the situation was rather 'out of control' and we just would not dare to walk to the restaurant from our hotel. Haaaa, lagipun yang dua orang tu anak dara, we decided to finish up our maggi in my cup for that nite.

The next day, we headed back Guangzhou right after breakfast...we prefer Hong Kong than Guangzhou actually so we were rather sad having to leave the city...ha ha...tak pe, maybe next time I can pay Hong Kong another visit with hubby...okay...bubaiiii


  1. kenapa En Ramli nampak tua sgt kat sana...stress keje ke hehehe..

  2. ha ha ha, I pun rasa, tapi bila tengok real, dia okay aja, except for rambut yang makin berkurang lah