Saturday, November 19, 2011

Too Little Time

It's Saturday, and it is going to be a very busy Saturday.

I am flying to Guangzhou tomorrow, and there are thousands of things to do and I am a little bit stressed!

Luckily my officers has prepared most of the things, but I must make sure I can deliver..and I haven't got the chance to practice yet...but I am determine to pretend to look confident, ha ha ha, in fact it is a must to look confident and do not forget to smile..ha ha, macam masuk ratu cantik pulak.

Actually, it is a bonus if you are pretty/beautiful while you are doing promotion, but of course, the most important thing is knowledge.

The week has been a tiring one! Long and stressful meetings, papers to clear, information to gather, email to answer and a lot of other things. Time really flies and by the time I reach home, I am already mentally very tired.

During my visit, I have to meet 7 companies and 1 association. And of course, being the leader, I will have to make the presentation. And of course, there will be questions and answers session , ha ha ha, adohhhh, semoga semua nya okay. Permudahkanlah semuanya untuk aku dan officer aku ya allah. tolong.

Lagi satu, saya dah mula sedih sebab kena tinggalkan suami. Dah rasa sedih seminggu dah..and sekarang, bila sedih, saya main angry bird, ha ha ha...alasan!!

Okay, hari ni saya kena pack, iron baju, kemas rumah, basuh kain, masak, do some shopping and many more. Semoga saya sihat untuk menjalankan semua amanah ini...insya allah.

Maybe this is going to be the last post before my trip, see you after 10 days then.


  1. go cikbib go... selain dr sempurnakan misi, boleh tengok negeri china dan hongkong,, salah satu negara dlm perancangan kita utk bercuti...

  2. nak ikut boleh? Saya tiap2 bulan ke guangzhou pun takper kak bib.... ofis mida kat mana ya di gz?

  3. wan, buat apa gi guangzhou every month. MIDA Guangzhou di Citic Plaza Office Tower, Tan He Bei Road...ha ha, mesti shop ye? memang ramain foreigners pergi shopping in bulk di sana