Sunday, December 4, 2011

China Trip Part 2

It is Sunday today and I just had breakfast and read the newspapers. I am going to cook lunch after this.

Before I start with my China Trip Part 2, I would like to highlight an article on 'Saya Cintai Jailani' in BIPOP Berita Harian today. Eeeeeiii, I could not read the article actually since it is just too mixed up and confusing that I decided not to know.

Hooo...China trip part 2, nak tulis apa lagi ye?

Hmmmm, fasal makan. Generally, in Guangzhou, you could find halal shop here and there, maybe one or two. If there's none, we will go to McD and take fries and fish burgers. Do not ask to many question and since you are in a very hungry situation, believe me, you can swallow the food, ha ha ha.

But then the condition and the type of  the local food served is usually a little bit yuck yuck...ha ha ha. The main dish in Guangzhou is usually noodles and sometime rice. You can either choose dry or with soup/gravy. You can also choose the type of soup/toppings such eggs & tomatoes, cabbage & mutton, chicken & spinach etc. . And since you do not know how to say the menu out, just pick from the photos on the wall.

Below is an example of a dish that almost made me vomit. I am the type of person that is quite liberal and love to try new type of food, but not this one. I chose noodles with eggs and tomatoes, yeah, because I love eggs and tomatoes. But once the menu arrived, I suddenly remembered that people in China sometimes use artificial eggs. Ayoyo, lepas itu gue sudah tidak larat menengok itu telur..tekak loya semacam. So, I started to play with the food and was not able to finish it up..ha ha

Food is usually a problem when we go out of the province, like when we visited Fushan province. Huh, small towns in China do not have halal food stall/restaurants. Actually, I do not mind since I have chocolates and biscuits with me, but the problem arise when company insisted that they would want to buy us lunch. Eiiiii, rasa nak menangis betul. 

Back to the place we stay, there's one nice restaurants that served Chinese and also Kazakhtan's food. Ho ho ho, I had such a nice time there.

Haaa, Anis and Sharmilla. We ordered fruit tea, fries, ugyur noodles and mutton bread.

the fruit tea is super nice, we have even ordered two teapot once..good for digestion too

mutton bread, nice!

the ugyur noodles, a little bit oily, but very nice

yang ni, gambar salah satu lampu di restaurant tu..ha ha, cantik.

Nama restoran tu adalah Nur Bustan. Selain dari makanan, kami suka dengan pelayan pelayan yang cantik dan kacak...yeah, they are tall and handsome (fair la pulak, tak dark, ha ha)

People in Guangzhou usually spend a very  short time dining, unlike Malaysia. Especially in the smaller shops/stalls, people will come, order and eat very fast and leave the shop. Most of the shop do not even serve drinks. Tapi di Nur Bustan, kita buat macam kat Malaysia aja, hmmm, siap re order air teh tuh, ha ha, nasib baik owner dia nice.

Okay lah, saya nak sambung masak la plak...nanti di sambung ye...

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