Thursday, December 8, 2011

China Part 3

I am feeling very tired now.

This morning, I reached office at 8.25, rushed to my room, and went straight to the meeting room at 12th floor. The meeting started at 8.30 and ended at 1.30.

After that I went down to my room, switched on my pc and wished that I could take a nap. Huh, there's files everywhere that I started another task right away. Of course I prioritized, I focused on the urgent ones first.

Then I decided to freshen up, brush my teeth and wash my face (since tak leh solat kan). I rushed to the meeting room again only to be informed that the next meeting started on at 2.30, not 2.00. Huh...and this meeting only ended at around 5.40 and by the time I reached my room, I was exhausted.

Now, I am writing this blog, have not had my bath and wishing that I could sleep...ha ha

but this is China Part three. I am not going to write, but I am going to show pictures of Guangzhou and Xiamen from my hotel windows and also from Encik Ramli's office and let all of you decide how develop China is....

This is from Encik Ramli's room, the room is facing the stadium and also the tower. The night view must be even better

From my hotel room in Guangzhou

This was taken from my bed...ha ha

This is Xiamen which is suppose to be a remote place

I did manage to take a ride on the river cruise and it was super nice. I wish hubby was there to share the experience, hmmm, maybe next time, insya allah, ada rezeki hendak nya

Guangzhou tower (Canton Tower, baru google tadi, Hiksss), the colour scheme will keep on changing

the tower again, and the bridge

mesti la ada gambar orang kan...tapi ntah sape ntah orang orang ni, tak kenai

itu IFC building (kalau tak silap itulah namanya, ha ha)

other boats

We cruised along the Pearl River. The river is long and big, and you just cannot compare this to Melaka river cruise of course which take less than 30 minutes to complete. 

We never did plan to take this boat ride but but we were fortunate because the driver has dropped us at a shopping centre which was located near the jetty. Lepas shop, kami bertiga pun apa lagi, pergi lah mencuba nasib, dan alhamdulillah, dapat kami naik bot ni and tersangatlah gembiranya...tapi dalam gembira tu, saya sedih gak, teringatlah dekat suami...kalau dia ada mesti berganda bestnya..

Okaylah guys...kalau pergi Guangzhou, selain shopping, inilah aktivitinya...boleh try, dekat sejam juga atas boat ni, orang lain dapat makan, kami saja simpan perut sebab nak makan di Nur Bustan...ha ha...lagipun kat sini tak halal...


  1. baca mcm best tapi part makan la yg tak berapa nak best.. hehehe

  2. hmmm, di sini cerita yang best aja lah. Cerita tension dalam bilik buat preparation untuk presentation tu, haaaa, itu di simpanlah. Tapi overall, the trip was a good one. We worked hard during the day, but managed to do some shopping before the shops closed at 6.30.