Monday, December 23, 2013

I talk to my self again

Sekarang ini, hari Isnin, 23 Disember 2013, 12.24 pagi.

Banyak pentiduran telah berlaku pada siangnya...menyebabkan mata macam sangat segar sekarang.

Saya sekarang sudah bosan untuk mengajak suami keluar...banyak sangat alasan. Decided to keep quite, stay home even though I was dead bored, and maybe when I could not stand it, I would just go out on my own.
Actually, most of the time, hubby has always tried to accommodate, it is just that there are a lot of things that I love to do and he doesn't. There's a lot of things that I would like to try but he doesn't. I cannot force him to be just like me. Marriage is about being "bertolak ansur" kan?

ANDDd, maybe down deep inside of me, I just like what he does. Yup, having no plans at all for weekends...just lazing around...doing totally nothing but eat and sleep.

No plan on where or when to sleep...that's why I keep on spending the night in front of the tv nowadays, which I never did when I was still a bachelor.

Or maybe, I do like to stay home a little nowadays, so that I have more time to rest, pray more...doa untuk Imran...maybe I just don't feel like going out myself...
But the result of that there will be no added new experience, no new friends, no new knowledge...
Due to that, I realised that there is a little voice that keep on reminding me to use my time wisely, and plan your life carefully...
But then, as always, blame it on hubby,..since I don't have anyone else to blame...mesti dia sedih.
Hmmm...I better plan my weekend better next time. Even if I were to stay at home, I could do some reading right? Maybe I should buy my own laptop/Ipad, since the laptop now is conquered by the other half...


I continue my my solat hajat and dua' for Imran nowadays. I was also updated by Imran's mother and opah on the current status/usaha. Imran's Opah has also updated me on the surah of which I have to read and Makrifatkan untuk Imran...this is the lates usaha.

Semoga usaha ibubapa serta tok/opah Imran akan berjaya. Semoga Imran akan berupaya melihat semua insyaa allah. Aaamiin.

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