Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wrap Up of the Week, 7 July 2013

It's Sunday, 11.15 pm.

We are watching Wimbledon final. I hope Murray will win.

Wrap up of the week?

First of all, on my ER : Yesterday, hubby asked me, "how come you are not performing your ER? Zero km for this week?"

And I was like "*&^%^*".

But alhamdulillah, today I did break the zero km record. I managed to perform 4 km on the trade mill. Heee, I guess it is still okay since yesterday I did walk a lot when I was at Sunway Pyramid plus today, we went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi. In fact I did a lot of walking when I was in Kuching and Bintulu.

Other than Er: Hubby and I did lots and lots of shopping yesterday and today. We bought stuff for the coming hari raya for hubby. We bought tshirts, shirts, pants and shoes. We are determined not to do any shopping during the fasting month, so I guess that will be it. 

I have also did a lot of things at home. Yup, finished up my laundry and managed to change the bed cloth. Hee, I am happy that I have done that.

I am also happy to see a photo of the twin Iman and Imran. They are chubbier now, I can see that the cheeks are fuller. Can't wait to see them again this hari raya.

Well...that's all I guess. I'm kinda sleepy already, but I would like to watch the result of the game...haiyooo, Djokovic is angry with the referee...

okay guys..have a productive and happy week ahead.

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