Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Neighbours

I live in Shah Alam and I was informed that 60% of the population are Malays, he he, but my neighbours are mostly Chinese.

On the right side of my house, I have Alex and his family, on the left, I have Mr Lim & family, and next to Mr Lim, there's this couple whom I refer to as uncle and untie, but I do not know their name.

Opposite my house there's Encik Naza and next to him is another Chinese family I do not know their name but I know the eldest brother is a lecturer and next to this house is a house occupied by this couple whom I referred to as Abang Merc simply because he used to drive this brand new and very nice Mercedez Benz, but now, both husband and wife are driving BMWs.

Our relationship is okay, we smile and greet and each other when we meet, especially Mr Lim, Uncle and Alex. As for Encik Naza, he is like the Ketua Kampung there so we have a lot of respect for him.

But I want to tell you a strange/funny thing that happened yesterday. Yeah, I just arrived from office and parked my car outside the house and hopped out of the car to open the gate. Once I opened my car door, I have seen this one guy on a motorbike in front of Abang Merc's gate.

Somehow I just stared at him blankly...heee, I thought he must be one of their friend who come to visit, ye lah, tak sangka pulak dia boleh naik kapcai buruk aja, so I just kept one staring blankly, and no smile for him..I really forgot to smile.

Suddenly, uncle passed by in his car and as always, greet me happily and angkat tangan some more and I, responded as always. Only then I realised that the guy on the motorbike whom I stared on blankly was actually Abang Merc himself, and I really really cannot recognised him.

I told my hubby on what happened and asked him whether he can recognized Abang Merc and his wife if we meet them somewhere else. Hubby said, no, he could not. So, I was not alone, even though the other couples live opposite us and we see them regularly from far, we could not recognized them. It is as if something is between them and us that make it almost impossible to be friends, although we do not fight...nape pulak nak gaduh kan?

And also, only yesterday I realised that with Abang Merc, although we live opposite to each other's house, we never share even a single smile...heee...what a neighbour we are.

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