Saturday, June 2, 2012


It's 3.30 in the morning now. Heeee, I had dinner with mek yah and her daughters last nite, in fact there was a small accident, but alhamdulillah, very minor one, once I reached home, I was already tired and hubby was extremely full,, dua dua pun tertidur depan tv.

My mother is coming tomorrow...ehhh, today. We are suppose to go to Terengganu on Sunday.

As for this post, I would like to tell about my trip to B A L I recently.

This is the seat next to me, empty, la la la...hmmm, business class kan, depan sekali pulak tu, saya memang lah suka

lunch...ada salad with salmon, coconut cake, buns and nasi apa ntah, macam nasi tomato tu

garlic bread and bun

the rice..

The trip to Bali took us 2 hours and 40 minutes. Lepas makan, saya sempat tidur, bukan apa, paginya saya bangun pukul 4 pagi untuk start packing. 

Sampai aja hotel, terus la check in. Lepas checked in, saya pergi minum, yup, welcome drink

ni dia welcome drinknya. Rasanya a little bit different lah, dan saya tak berapa suka...he he he

masuk bilik...yeah, the room where I spent 4 nights alone

pancoq...he he he, no bath tub though. Tapi ada paip untuk toilet, alhamdulillah, kat Sabah baru ni, ada ke tak de pancoq camtu, susahnya nak bersuci


katil, king size

tv, hotel kat Indonesia fasal tv ni memang best, ada 60 Saya sempat tengok Smash dan Suits di DIVA channel di Bali, he he

The view outside my room...nampak la laut sikit sikit....

Lepas solat asar, saya determine to go out, alone. Minta kebenaran hubby dulu la, hubby benarkan, mungkin sebab this is not my first time to Bali. Nusa Dua, the place where my hotel is located is quite a secluded area. There's no public transport therefore you just have to stick with the hotel's transport which is more expensive, but I must say it was very convenient.

I went to buy some cenderamata since after I have checked my schedule, I do not think that I have time at all to go out once the conference starts. Sooo...pergi lah beli ole ole. I tried to find tshirt for hubby, tapi semua nya ntah apa apa, simply dislike the design and the wording printed on the, no tshirt for hubby then.

I habis dalam pukul 8. Tak sempat masuk bilik, hubby dah hantar message, tanya kat mana, dah balik ke belum...bla bla bla...hmmmm.

Balik, mandi, solat, dinner and I was ready to retire...sebab penat, I likeeee.

Okayyy, nanti saya sambung on the hari seterusnya ye

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