Thursday, June 21, 2012


I know I am not a very soft person, sopan santun sangat ke, baik sangat ke.

In fact, the first word that my husband used to describe me was 'ROCK'...yeah, cikbib memang 'ROCK'. Only recently when I asked him 'Shuk, if you could describe me in one word, what word would you use?'

Do you know what his answer was? It was 'CONFUSED'. It was so cruel of him I think, to choose that word, but I must be thankful though because I think I would be even madder if he described me as 'FAT'. Even though I know it is true...ha ha ha.

Anyway, I have to attend another course today and tomorrow. I slept in half of session I am afraid, ha ha ha, but the truth is, I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable leaving the office again.

Boss and Sham went to Putrajaya, they have to attend a meeting in the afternoon.

Once I was back in my room at around 5, I went to see Sham. I asked him how things was going and he said, everything's fine. In fact, he informed me that they were only back from the office at around 4.00.

And I was like, 'what? 4.00 o'clock?...but I called boss and the meeting ended at 1.30. And Sham was likee...well, we went for lunch after that and...bla bla bla....he know what, I was so relieved, suddenly I did not feel guilty any more having to attend the course.

Sham was also telling me that Boss asked him how is his relationship with his colleague next door, that is me. And Boss was telling Sham that he is a little worried because he thinks that I am a little bit 'kasar' and not easy to get along with.

and I was like, 'Ha?????'. Hiksssss

My boss is afraid of me? haaaa?  What ever lah!

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