Monday, June 25, 2012

Ganti Posa

I am fasting again today and insya allah, if I am able to complete it, I will have another 4 days to go...

I am not sure why, but I am such a sleepy head lately. During the lunch hour today, I slept as if I am at home, even though I was sitting on my chair.

When I was wearing my tudung after my zuhr prayer just now, I remember that I used to take B complex if I were to fast. Yup, that helps me to stay more focus, less sleepy, if god permits lah. I better get some because I think, to help me be a little more energetic, or else I will continuously feeling sleepy and tired...

huh, hari ini saya tak sempat lagi buat kerja, pagi pergi meeting di M, tadi, baru habis meeting di ofis sendiri..sekarang, baru nak tengok fail officers..heee, sempat lak update blog...betul laaa.

Okay lah, di sini dulu...bubaiiii

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