Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday, Last Day of January 2016


It's Sunday, 31 January 2016. It's already the last day of January in the year 2016 but I have not posted any closing post for 2015 or an opening post with my new year resolution for 2016. 

Maybe it is because there's nothing to conclude for 2105 and nothing to look forward to in 2016, he he he. But no, it is due to laziness, that's all.

It is not 4.42 Sunday afternoon. 

I woke up early this morning, did my exercise on the exercise bike and fried some meehon for hubby. 

Hubby requested meehoon goreng because he wanted to eat it with kuah laksa. I cooked laksa yesterday and in the evening, after solat Maghrib he told me that suddenly he remembered that is should be very nice if he could eat the kuah laksa with mihun. I thought it's just mihun to be eaten with the kuah laksa, but no, you must fry the mihun first.....

Tak pe lah, hubby jarang pun request apa-apa sangat and since it's Sunday and I am in a good mood, I buat lah. Itu pun ada seribu satu komplen jugak fasal mihun tu. Sayur banyak sangatlah, udang banyak sangat lah. Dia kata "Saya nak mihun bodo aja". 


Anyway, after having breakfast, we went to Suria Sabah to buy some groceries and also to window shop. But today, it was not only a window shop lah, but real shopping happened. We buy some books and baju...and like always, after paying the amount bought, terus insap dan nak balik rumah...he he he.

And malam ini, kami ada jemputan untuk hadir ke kenduri kahwin. Inilah kenduri kahwin yang pertama kami hadir di KK ni. Semoga kami boleh have fun.

Sebenarnya saya ada a few entries lagi yang saya mahu letakkan di sini untuk perkara-perkara yang berlaku sewaktu kami balik kg bulan Disember lepas. Sekarang ni saya tengah mengumpul semula gambar-gambar yang telah di ambil.

Okay people, I hope all of you have a good rest...ehhh...esok orang KL cuti...okay, have a really good rest ye orang KL and may we have a productive day ahead.

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