Monday, January 25, 2016

Conversation With Hubby - 25 January 2016


It's Monday, 25 January 2016.

It's a public holiday in KL/Selangor today, but not in KK. People in KK are working today!

The weather is very clear although we are expecting some strong wind. The wind is so strong to the level that it make some eerie wistling sound that it got me worried. If I were at my office, the wind will slam on the glass pane and again make some sound. Everytime this happened, I look out the window to check how strong the wind is. Being in KK make me become more sensitive to the weather.

In a clear whether like today, it is always nice to see blue sky. We can also see Kinabalu from far, but it is too hot to go out, therefore we always choose to stay indoors. Kalau weather macam kat Norfolk tu, soheh la teman pegi berjalan setiap hari, to enjoy the sea and the sun.

And the CNY holiday is about to come. We are still looking at possible/affordable activities but there's none, than staying home will be the only option.

Yesterday, when I was browsing my facebook, I came across this post by my old friend. She posted photos of her celebrating her birthday and dear hubby presented her with a bouque of red roses. Since hubby also know this friend of mine, I simply showed her the photos and hubby looked at me and asked "awat? nak bunga la tu?".

Kih kih kih, actually I only wanted to share the photos, nothing more. 

But last night, while we were watching tv, hubby has hold and massaged my hand, which is something he has been doing without realising nowadays, with the other hand still sticked to the handphone. 

Haa, I like being massaged of course so I simply told him "Tak pe la Shuk, Shuk tak payah bagi bunga pun tak pe, asalkan rajin mengurut saya".

Ha ha ha...another example of you gain some, you loose some. Tapi kan, entah-entah, suami kawan saya tu, bagi munge pun selalu, mengurut pun selalu....ekekeekekek.

Daser orang yang tidak tahu bersyukur lah tu....

Tapi, semalam, sebelum tidur, dalam mamai-mamai tu, kami sempat juga berbual. Perbualannya macam ini :

suami : "dah dekat 10 tahun kita kahwin cikbib"

saya : "ha ah...Shuk rasa kita okay tak? Kita jadi bertambah baik dari dulu tak?"

suami : "Okkk, kita memang lebih baik dari dulu (maksudnya "hubungan" kami lebih baik dari dulu)"

saya : "Saya rasa pun, ada lah improvement sikit-sikit"

Hiii....agaknya ini post pre anniversary kami kut, kami akan celebrate kami punye ulangtahun perkahwinan ke 10 very soon. How time flies kan, pejam celik dah 10 tahun. 

Ok lah people, semoga kita semua menjadi bertambah baik...aamiin 

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