Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tentang Itu dan Ini, 28 November 2015


It is now Saturday, 28 November 2015, 2.49 am. Hubby is sound asleep and I am updating this blog. I had factory visits during the day and was feeling tired by the end of the day. I went to sleep after my Maghrib prayer and only woke up at 10.45 pm because hubby woke me up and asked me to perform my Isyak prayer. After solat, I went down to the living room but hubby was already asleep. Tinggailah saya sorang-sorang, tengok tv, tengok laptop, tak boleh tidoq la pulakkkk.

So, here I am, trying to write about something of which I am not sure of.

And yeah, the last 2 days were full with visits to interesting places/companies and I was fortunate enough because I was accompanied by interesting people. It is always interesting to entertain colleagues from HQ office because apart from being colleagues, they are also old friends and of course it is always nice to meet old friends.

And this time we went to visit Desa Cattle Farm and Sabah Tea at Kundasang/Ranau. It is so interesting to know more about the operation of these two places beside enjoying the panoramic view and cooler climate.

Do you know that cows at Desa Cattle are all female? Of course they are all female because they are bred for their milk, male cow cannot produce milk maaa. Of course these female cow were bred by a special scientific method which I cannot explain.

Desa Cattle can produce almost 3,000 liters of milk daily from approximately 250 matured cows they have. 

Beside milk, Desa Cattle also produce milk by-products like cheese, yogurt, ice-cream and they are all halal.

After Desa Cattle, we went to visit Sabah Tea where we were given the opportunities to look at the factory and the process in making tea. I found out that for Sabah Tea, there's no pesticide used in maintaining the plant and therefore it is 100% organic and healthy. There people, if you want to drink tea, choose Sabah Tea...memang sedap pun.

Yup...Sabah is very proud with these two products.

Hmmm...I better try to get some sleep now or else nanti Subuh tak bangun pulak..

Ok people, have a good rest during the weekends...

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