Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kadang-Kadang Suis Saya Off


Bagaimanakah hari-hari anda? Saya sibuk sikit hari ini dan masa berlalu tanpa disedari. Sewaktu saya mandi sebelum solat Maghrib tadi, saya tutup mata dan tiba-tiba teringat..."makkk, esok sudah hari khamis, minggu ini sudah hampir habis".

Begitulah keadaannya saya sekarang ini kerana saya perlu bikin seminar pada 9 Disember ini. Banyak perkara yang perlu difikirkan, di lakukan dan di jayakan/capai/implement. Cuma ianya berat sikit sebab saya mengetuainya di peringkat negeri. Well, kenalah berusaha buat yang terbaik dan berdoa banyak-banyak  semoga Allah permudahkan semua urusan saya . Aaminn.

Infact semalam keadaan saya adalah lebih parah. I must confess that after staying in Sabah for more than 7 months, I do go to work earlier, but I also go back early. And yesterday, I stayed back to clear some of my work alone but there was at this one level when I just simply switched off. I could not think and I could not write. Punyelah!

I decided to go home when that happened and it was almost 6.00 pm and it was already dark.  While I was locking the doors, suddenly I heard voices of men, which was of course not common at that point of time. I know those who involve in upgrading the building lift never work overtime. 

I was panicked and in fact I sort of shouted back to them...which was not very smart actually. I was scared thinking that if anything happened to me, nobody is around to help and in fact, if anything happened at all, I will die first before anyone find me...seriously.

But alhamdulillah, the one with the voices are not "orang jahat" or whatever, but I could not figure out what in the world are they doing in the building at that point of time. I was supposed to take the same lift with them which of course did not happened. 

Maybe next time, if I were ever to go back later than usual, I just have to call hubby first and informed him that if I do not arrive at the car within 10 minutes, you better come up and find out what happen to me.

Heee, to think that I have once went to the office alone and did my work until 8.00 pm, on a weekend when Minister came recently...bahaya juga sebenarnya.

Anyway, yesterday was a tiring day all over. I tried to update this blog after I had dinner, but couldn't. I decided to just lie down, and relax my mind.

I need to have better control of everything now. I have to make sure that my body/mind/brain is healthy enough. Yes I do work hard during the day, but I must have enough rest at night. I try to jaga semua which is under my control.

And of course, saya kena lebih banyak bercakap dengan Allah, untuk mendapatkan keyakinan diri juga menenangkan keadaan. Kadang-kadang, kalau kita down sebab orang sekeliling kita tak support ke, Allah ada, so do not have to worry...

Okay guys....jumpa lagi nanti

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