Monday, October 3, 2011

Short One..

Today, I am very happy because I have this parti makan-makan at my old Division i.e. IT Division. There were sooo much food, ada roti jala, laksa, nasi dagang/lemak, pulut dengan kelapa, rendang, sate, lemang, sphaghetti and many types of dessert.

I makannnn...cannot elaborate because if my husband knew, he will marah. Hmmm, but I went back to my room feeling soooo full, blurp!!

Not long after that, I had to attend a meeting with this one Korean Co.. The meeting went well except that both gentlemen/investors were so damn busuk. I was so tak tahan and had to cover my nose with my hand.

And now, I don't know why, but the smell stays....dah menyerap kat baju I kut...ergggh

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