Sunday, September 25, 2011

Selepas 1 Tahun di Bhg. Besi

20 September 2011, genaplah setahun saya berkhidmat di Bhg Besi. Apa yang saya rasa? Hmmm...macam-macam..

Tidak dapat saya nafikan, hati saya sangat berdebar-debar ketika memulakan langkah saya ke Bahagian Baru ni. Ye la, dengan pengalaman yang 'zero', dengan ilmu yang minima, saya telah di arahkan untuk menjadi DD di Bahagian itu. Tuhan saja yang tahu betapa takutnya saya.

But I was thankful that I have similar experienced when I was transferred to Corporate Division earlier. Yeah, I know the most important thing is to be positive (attitude?). I rely/learn a lot from my officers. I learned by mistakes. And I must thank god for giving me time to learn with Y. Bhg. Dato' W before he retired. Yeah, the support and understanding helped me to go through the hard time.

I was given 6 months to learn the industry and also the policy with Dato' W, I started to gather knowledge/experience and know the industry better. I am also very fortunate because hubby is also working in the same industry. Hmm, that gives us another topic to discuss when we are together.

How do I feel now? Haaa, I must admit that I am still learning. With the current boss/chairman replacing Dato' W, and the new system used, it has become harder to convince the committee with our proposal. It is like preparing for a war every week and I am one of the platoon leader. huwaaaaaa, it is not easy, really.

There were times when I felt so down and demotivated. But after sometimes, I just got tired and decided to become ...just a little stronger and also to adapt the 'whatever' attitude. I still get myself prepared though, but I know, despite whatever my opinion is about the case, if the committee disagree, there's nothing that I can do.

Hari ini hari Ahad, esok kerja balik??? haaa...saya anggaplah semua yang datang sebagai cabaran yang interesting, bukan masalah..easier said than done? I am trying and yeah, I realised when I set the 'positive' attitude, things do seem to be less tough..

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