Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time : 6.30 pagi, lepas sahur.

We have had our sahur, cleaned the kitchen, sidai kain, and checked my facebook status...mmm...

After this, I need to pack my things, tidy up the bedroom and off we go back to our home town.

Hubby will drop me at my mom's house while he will be going straight to my mother in law's house. I foresee a very busy day ahead. My mom will asked me to do 1001 things and I hope I could just bare it...ha ha

Mom called yesterday and she sounded happy. She informed me (although I knew already) that my sister from Terengganu is coming back for raya and asked me to buy this special ginger pickle from one Arabic shop located at section 4 Shah Alam. My mother had also asked my other sister to bring back fish...yup, the son in law from Terengganu is coming, mesti ada ikan...I did bought some fishes too...

I discovered this morning that my kakcik is also spending the first raya di Chemor. Hey, is this a miracle or what? Almost full house, this is the first time ever after a long long time. Alhamdulillah.

But, since we are going to have a almost full house this, be prepared for :

1) to be separated from your partner/family at night. Haaa, mana cukup bilik untuk semua. Geng budak lelaki di depan tv on the ground floor, Girls di depan tv on the first floor (I'll have to join them with my other sisters I think), and lelaki dewasa selalunya akan tidur di living room on the first floor.

2) My mom will be busy with his rules and regulations. Huh, basuh pinggan masing-masing lepas makan, sidai towel elok-elok, jangan campak baju kotor atas lantai....bla bla bla...but thank you mom, with your rules, semua orang become more discipline and the house looks better. Tapi jangan la garang sangat..

3) Berebut toilet/bathroom. Buat banyak mana pun tak kan cukup bilik air ni. Walau bagaimanapun, the situation is better now since most of my nieces/nephews are now grown up. If not, they may spend up to 1 hour playing in the bathroom.

4) To keep on chatting and eating, non stop...discipline yourself cikbib, you better.

5) To work hard i.e. to cook for 50 people for 3 times a day, to maintain the house with 50 people, to basuh baju, lipat for 50 people...haaaa, macam asrama pulak. Tapi tak pe, bukan selalu kan? Lagipun I have a good team. My sisters and sisters in law are all cekap.

6) And to be prepapred mentally...mesti ada yang terkasar bahasa, tersilap tingkah laku, berbeza pandangan dll. Tak pe, rasanya kami semua sudah dewasa, dan boleh menerima pandangan orang lain, dan saling memaafkan.

7) To spend a lot of money..ha ha. Berapa kilo beras akan habis? berapa banyak ayam akan habis? ha ha, kami kena kongsi duit, alhamdulillah, ada rezekinya.

Haaa, how I looked forward for this raya. Semoga semuanya akan go on smoothly, Insya allah.

I will not be able to update this blog during my raya break, therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you out there, happy hari raya!

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