Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It is now 8.30pm, and both of us are resting before isyak and tarawikh. I perform my tarawikh prayer on my own while hubby will perform his at nearby surau. It was a tiring Tuesday where the meetings started and 8.30 am and only ended at 4.50pm. This time we did manage to have our lunch break though.

Somehow, despite the tiredness, I just feel like updating this blog. I consider this day as a happy day. Why? Because I made it through without feeling as stressed as usual despite of the fact almost 20 papers from my Division were KIVed and not tabled. Yup, I overcome my fear. I was not panicked and answered whatever question asked....

Doa saya supaya dipermudahkan segala urusan dimakbulkan. Doa supaya saya tenang dan bijak mengawal keadaan juga dimakbulkan. Doa supaya saya dapat berfikir dengan baik dan lisan yang fasih juga dimakbulkan.

No, today was not and easy one, things were not going as planned and there were so many obstacles, but I am thankful that I was relaxed and managed to face it all...alhamdulillah!

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