Saturday, August 6, 2011

2 Tahun di Jalan Ferum

It's Saturday morning, 7.30 am. I woke at 5am this morning for sahur, mandi, solat, done some reading and now is writing.

Our plan for today is to do some more shopping, but today the focus is dear hubby's office wear cum baju raya. I hope we will be able to stick to plan, or else, we have to postpone it again.

How's fasting month? Mine is going on quite well. Hubby seems to be more motivated to attend the tarawikh prayer, I hope he could maintain the momentum for the whole month. I am doing the tarawikh on my own now, but maybe tonight I'll be going to the state mosque.

A lot of things are happening now at the office. DG is about to retire and all of us is waiting patiently on who is going to be the next DG. DDG1 also is about to retire and we have a new DDG2. I was also informed that the corporatisation is happening after all sometimes in October. There will be some salary increment but no more pension for us. I also heard a lot of other things happening. I hope things will be better. I pray for good leaders in future and  a  much better environment for everyone.

For me it is important to enjoy the work. Imagine having to wake up every morning and hating the fact that you have to go to work for the rest of your life. It is not healthy at all. For now, I am trying to stay strong, ye lah, nak mencari rezeki kan, bukannya senang. I have also learnt how not to take everything too seriously. Learn to say 'whatever' and learn how to just listen but ignoring the fact. Sometimes it is necessary to adopt 'masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan'. Hikkssss

But as usual, I will make sure that the house is 'heaven' for both hubby and I. Though it is not perfect, we will make sure the house clean and not so messy, so that we can enjoy ourselves comfortably.

Sebenarnya saya nak bercerita tentang rumah laaa, sebab, pada 1 Ogos yang lalu, genaplah dua tahun kami berpindah dan tinggal di Jalan Ferum.

As for now, we are trying very hard to maintain the house. After sometimes, we found out that we are starting to accumulate wedding souvenirs. Hmm, mana mahu letak? Rumah pun tak lah besar sangat. As for  now, we decided to keep it for a while, but maybe someday, we will just have to make a decision..maybe to let it go...

Yang lain-lain, sama saja. Nanti bila rajin, saya tangkap gambar pintu toilet yang baru kita orang istall ye...chow dulu

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