Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am not sure whether this is real or not.

Last night, while I was performing my tarawikh, I cannot help missing my Yong (eldest sister who passed away in 2008). In fact I feel she was around and watching.

I realised the same thing happened to me last ramadhan too, in fact the feeling was even stronger.

I asked dear hubby if it ever happened to him and he said yes, during the month of Ramadhan there will be times when he misses his father more than usual..

I wonder whether the ruhs are really around since they are set free in the month of Ramadhan. Maybe they are watching us too? hmmm...maybe they miss us as much as we miss them?

Well, if I were to let my mother know about this, I could predict what her advice will be. She will be saying, 'itu semua tak penting, yang penting, kita perlu terus berdoa dan sedekah kan ayat quran untuk dia'.

But I guess the feeling is good because it reminds me to keep on praying for Yong, my late father and many others who passed away. It also help to remind us on our own death...Semoga kita semua diberikan permulaan dan pengakhiran yang baik, insya allah.

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