Monday, September 15, 2014

Tok Wan Chot's Family Day - Preparation


It is now 12.43 pm, 15 September 2014 and I have just took a bath, perform my Isyak prayer and is ready to retire for the day.

Tomorrow, ehhh...on 15 of September 2014, Tokbomo and I are going for an event that we have been waiting for, yeah, our very own family day (Tokbomo's side of family).

The event is going to be held at D e s a Balqis, somewhere in Melaka (Kuala Linggi if I am not mistaken). The whole family which is 58 in numbers will participate and we foresee that it is going to be a very happening programme.

Tokbomo's family are mostly from the northern part of the country and yes 95% are coming. We have booked 3 bungalows with total of 13 rooms. 

Since we need to save cost, we decided to bring our own food and rice cooker along. Each family is suppose to contribute something and Tokbomo and I, being a family, is going to contribute boiled eggs, and tumih udang and ayam masak merah. And yes, I have just finished up cooking at 12.00 pm just now and that is why I took a late bath and my kaki is really lenguh after standing for so long.

Heyy...I have taken some photos...let see...

Tokbomo washed the eggs before boiling it

haaa....the two dishes, dua dua pun sambal...tapi ada rasa lain sikit.

I hope the event will go well and I also pray everything will be fine at the office too, since I'll be on leave.

Ok guys...have a productive week ahead