Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tok Wan Chot's Family Day 2014

Sorry for this delayed post because I was a little busy. We had family day on 15/9-17/9. I took one day off on 18/9 and the day was spent doing laundry and cleaning the house. My sister in law with her family plus my MIL came in the evening and spent a few nights at our house

On friday (19/9), when I came back from work, tokbomo told me that his brother with his family are coming for dinner and therefore and I have to cook. I cooked gulai lemak ketam, goreng ikan and goreng sayoq. My MIL prepared the sambal belacan. This is the first time that I cooked dinner for my husband's side of family plus MIL. 

And the result? Even though it may not be perfect but I think the dinner went well, kira okay lah sebab nasi habis, ikan goreng habis, telor dadar habis, sayoq habis, tapi ketam tu ada lagi, walaupun saya tengok orang makan banyak....alhamdulillah. 

My sister in law only went back to Kulim today and I must say that the house suddenly becomes too quite. 

And now, while watching AF, the time finally feels right that I just have to update this blog.

Panjang pulak muqaddimah saya....ok, let's start....

We went out from the house at 11.30  in the morning and decided to take a little lunch to fill our stomach (on Monday, 15/9) . We stopped by at another place to fetch tokbomo's nephew/nieces and finally started our journey to Desa Balqis (DB) at 1.17 pm

The pilot : Tokbomo

The penumpang : Ain, Yon and Tasha

And yes, the theme colour was red therefore we tried to have some red in our attire that afternoon

 We arrived at DB around 3.30 pm. This is one of the three bungalows we rented, "Rumah Paklong". This bungalow has 4 rooms and is facing the swimming pool.

This is the main house for our activities, "Rumah PakNgah" with five rooms and huge balcony. The bungalow is facing an open area

This is rumah Pakndak, the house where I stay. The house has 2 bedrooms and we stayed here with another family (tokbomo's brother and his family)

This is the entrance to our house....

the living room

our room with a queen size bed and air-conditioning

This is the view opposite rumah Pakngah. Pakndak's house is next ot the house with the Astro disc 

This is the open area

The big balcony at Pakngah's house...Tokbomo and his BIL. Shortly after we arrived, we had some light meal here and get ready for photoshoot

hubby, taking a break before the photo shooting session

The director for the photo session was my was not an easy thing to do

The session only ended at 6.00pm. Bukan senang nak ambil gambar ni tau

After that ada banyakkk sesi tangkap gambar lagi which I am not going to post here. But I am going to post a few interesting ones like.....

This is Ally. I asked him to post and he did his hand like that. I don't know what it means but I can see his father laughing at the back.

Tokbomo and his older brother, dua dua pun peminat tegar Jamal Abdillah

Yup, gambo melompat...saya tak leh join sebab tarikan graviti terlampau kuat kat badan saya ni

while the others were busy photo shooting, my MIL and one of her cucu were relaxing on the bench, watching from far

I am happy I was able to capture this little gir'sl photo...she is super cute and super shy...

After the photo shooting session, we went to mandi at the swimming pool till Maghrib. After that, we had BBQ

we only started to pasang api BBQ at 8.17pm which is a little bit late 

Because we started late, we only started to eat at 10.00 pm.

The others are still eating while I was already feeling sleepy and decided to sneaked out and sleep...hiks

Okay, that's the end of Day 1, I shall continue tomorrow ye.