Sunday, September 14, 2014

That Means and It Depends

(I have actually written this on Tuesday, 10 September when suddenly something went wrong and I could not upload it, I upload it today anyway!)

Saya tak la terror sangat English.

Tapi saya suka check balik bila mendengar orang lain bercakap, especially bila saya rasa macam kurang betul.

Macam saya dengar orang ni cakap "that's means". Saya rasa macam terlampau banyak "s". So, saya check balik lah, and yeah, yang betul nya adalah "that means".  Eh, saya ada jumpa keterangan yang lebih jelas ni, dari blog Cikgu Idris...dia tulis macam ni ;

They sound almost the same, but deliver a different meaning. Some people use “That’s mean” when they actually want to say “That means”. 

These are two different meanings. It’s common that new English learners think that it’s correct. To some people, it might not matter as long as the message is brought across, but in reality, it can be annoying to the listener especially if the offender has been corrected before.

I remember being taught in primary school the correct usage of words and how to use short forms i.e. ‘s can be short for “is”, (What's up? = What is up?)

If one says “That’s mean you will go lah?”, would that sound right? If yes, then will “That is mean you will go lah?” sound right now? No matter how you look at it, it’s just so, wrong.

Direct translation: “Ia adalah kejam (mean=kejam) awak nak pergi lah?”

It’s been fossilised in their head to use “That’s/It’s mean” instead of “That/It means” that they are so confident of, even after repetitiously being told it’s not right.

That’s mean ≠ That means

Lagi satu adalah bila orang cakap "It's depends". Pun saya rasa macam terlampau banyak "s". So, let's google...

jawapan nya adalah : "It depends"

Let's improve...tadaaaa!

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