Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cabaran di Tempat Kerja

Saya dapat cabaran yang agak tinggi di tempat kerja saya sekarang ni.
Saya tengah berfikir balik ni, saya ke yang salah, ataupun Mr X ni yang salah.
Hari ini, ini yang berlaku.
Ada meeting dengan co., saya yang organize dan Mr X jadi Pengerusi. Seperti biasa, saya pun pergi bilik Mr X, briefed him about the company and about who's coming. After that, when I was about to go out of his room, he asked, where is my talking points? And I was like ??????? What talking points? This is only a meeting, to foster a good rapport with company and to know their further investment plan.
Mr X wasn't happy. His face changed. But what can I do? It was only about 5 minutes before the meeting.
I kept quite, and waited for him. I think he went to the toilet. After that, I can see from far that he doesn't look good. I do not think scolding me has done any good to his blood pressure and heart...really. From far, I know he was trying to cool down.
As for me, feeling confused, I asked the PA, do we have to put down some talking points even for a meeting? The PA then answered, "Really? I didn't know also".
Hmmmmmm......but the meeting went well, and of course Mr X handled it nicely.
Now...when I wrote what happened this morning, I think I can conclude that I did nothing wrong kan? I did everything accordingly and I was not informed that even for a meeting, we need to prepare talking points for Mr X. Infact, even his PA does not know about it.
And for Mr X, maybe he was scared...hey, if it is true, I really understand how he felt. I got all those butterflies in my stomach everytime I chair a meeting, especially if it involves people from big companies. But the only thing is that, I don't scold people. I don't scold my officer simply because I do not like to be scolded myself.
And, scolding people will not solve your problem. You will not become clever immediately after you scold people. There are always better ways to solve problem. Yup, macam orang Melayu selalu cakap "seperti menarik rambut di dalam tepung, rambut tu dapat dikeluarkan, tepung juga tidak berselerak".
Hmmm....I foresee cabarannya agak besar selepas ini. Saya berdoa semoga Allah memberi saya kekuatan untuk menghadapi semua cabaran ini. Semoga allah memudahkan semua urusan saya, dan semoga semuanya akan berjalan dengan baik. Aaaamiin.
And this afternoon, I have to attend another meeting with Mr X....ha ha ha ha....Semoga semuanya akan berakhir dengan baik. Aaamiin

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