Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 October 2013

I am sure that many of you realised that my blog is getting less interesting...

I have less time to write, that's all.

I also found out that I am not interested to read also..hiks..yeah, I tried to read and understand an insurance quotation of which I may be interested to buy, but no, it was too heavy for me.

But I am now very much into watching Love You Mr Arr...

Haaaa...even though 70% of the time I failed to arrive home on time so that I am able to watch the series.

But of course I can watch it in the internet or ask hubby on the updates...heee...sian hubby kena paksa tengok cerita ni.

I am also following "Jodoh Milik Kita"...on Astro...

In short, I am sort of addicted to this cerita Melayu bersiri already. Infact, I hardly turned to cinema package channel anymore..heee

But I am now falling in love with Light and Easy radio station again....after focusing so much on Sinar, Hot and Era. I still change the radio station though, but Light and Easy is in the list lah.

Hmmm...I am now bullying one of my collegue. Sian dia, but work has to be done. He is good and committed, but somehow he is too active with his co-curricular activities that it effected his performance.

I have a big event coming from 10th till 15 November and I hope everything will be fine, insya allah. And of course when I am worry/stress, I will pray more...why la like that kan...and I will ask hubby to pray for me. If situation become worse, I will ask everybody to pray for me lah...

I hope I can go back on time today because yesterday I went back at 8.00 pm. Hmmm....semoga boleh habis cepat semua benda.

Okay lah, berhenti dahulu di sini...jumpa lagi di lain kali

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