Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I am the very the busy nowadays..

Yesterday, there was an inter organisations debate held in MITI and I was acting as a judge.

As a judge, I found out that my opinion was always against the other two judges, and I wonder whether I am normal or not.

For instance, the other two judges evaluated this one speaker as "very good" and I did not. For me the speaker "speaks" well but there's no content of which I think is the most important...I gave him highest mark for "style" but lowest mark for "content". But other judges gave hime perfect mark...now I wonder whether I have evaluated the debaters accordingly or not..heee

Today, I started to work right away after breakfast. I am pretty busy nowadays especially when one of my collegue is already taking her maternity leave. Semoga semua urusan saya akan di permudahkan, insya allah.

Sebenarnya, sewaktu saya menaip ni, boss saya sedang duduk di depan saya. Dia nak bersembang la pulak mengenai budget...adoiiiiiiiii....

Nanti saya sambung kemudian ye

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