Thursday, May 26, 2011

After the long break

I have just finished watching a movie titled 'Remember Me' in Star Movie, rasa was a good one

I can see that the number of visitors for this blog is increasing, unfortunately, I was not able to do any update...huh

Having to go to office after such a long break was really 'stressful'. Malas ada, takut ada, ngeri pun ada. Ironically, I received a message from my officer on Sunday night informing me that I have to join the team for an assignment at Banting and it will take the whole day. So, there goes my Monday.

The next day, apparently most people were not around. My boss was not around, another DD and my seniors officers have, I was left alone to handle the office..and there goes my Tuesday.

As for today, meeting started at 8.30, the next meeting started at 9.00 and the third one started at 12.30 and ended at 2.45. After solat, I wanted to continue doing my work but only to discover that I was too tired and cannot, there goes the rest of the day.

As for tomorrow, the list will continue...selagi hidup, selagi itulah saya kena bekerja mencari rezeki...ha ha ha

Photos of the recent trip to Tokyo trip are already posted in facebook, do check it out. Goodnite

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