Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today, We Are Going To Tokyo

Yooo, I cannot sleep well last night. I thought this only happens if I were to go abroad on my own, and I cannot sleep because I thought  I will miss hubby. But last night, the same thing happened and I am going with hubby what??? sigh, I guess it is only normal.

But it was good because as a result, I woke up easily..ha ha ha, bukan senang tu. Saya pun kemaskanlah rumah sikit, tengok PC ni sat..hubby has already gone out to buy some heavy breakfast, to keep us going.

We are 95% ready now, hanya mahu finalize sahaja. Beg yang nak dibawa sudah sendat dan sarat. Hubby tak nak bawa banyak bag, so, kami bawa 3 bags saja, one for food/stuff for my brother's family, one for our baju-baju, one is mom's and another knapsack for our jackets...and orang Jepun, please spare a towel for us ya, ha ha ha, malas bawa towel.

Itu sahajalah for today. Permudahkan perjalanan kami ya Allah!

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