Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 1 : Yesterday

Semalam, Tokyo hujan sepanjang hari, so, semalam we experienced Japananese Monsoon. It was wet wet wet and limited our journey.

Our journey actually is not as a tourist actually, but to experience being a Japanese. We hopped in and out the trains, and walked with our umbrellas. Hujan di Jepun ni berlanjutan, tapi tidak lebat and never stopped the Japanese from walking with their umbrellas. It was cold though, ha ha...bearable, tapi bila dah petang tu, sejuk la jugak, heee.

Kami pergi mana? Around Shubuya, tawaf, stopped at one of the shopping centre..namanya dah lupa pulak. Took pictures at the Hatchika the dog statue (remember the movie which Richard Gere starred?). After that, Shuk joined the Japanese smoking at their allocated smoking area...

We did not do much yesterday, lagi pun my mother sudah tak larat, berbunyi lututnya, ha ha ha..

okaylah, kena berbut lah PC ni dengan seorang budah 3 tahun yang nak tengok chipmunk...shall update tomorrow...bye

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  1. it is freaking hot here in Malaysia. so enjoy the weather there cik bib!