Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Japan - Our Trip Yesterday

Good Morning, and I am wishing all of you this far away from Tokyo. We have not started anything yet, just had breakfast and hubby is still sleeping.

The weather is nice - cold. Love it

As for Tokyo so far, not much, I'll save this for later ya.

The trip yesterday was okay. Walaupun makan heavy paginya, the moment we boarded, hubby and I decided that we need to eat. Haaaa....terus tengok menu. Well, we decided to order two nasi lemak, one nasi putih and ada satu lauk yang macam ayam goreng paprik, two teh tarik and one milo ais (mum). My kaki was so sejuk actually, , tapi lepas makan tu, okla sikit. Nasinya? superb...maybe because we were hungry...macam nikmat sangat makan.

Since the whole journey took us a little bit more than 6 hours, hubby and I went to toilet twice...logic la kan? But mum sit still and tak g toilet langsung...tapi sian, kaki dia bengkak sikit...tapi pagi ni dah ok.

Lepas-lepas tu, hubby and I rasa macam nak pening je...kami decide to order another ais panas, teh tarik laa. Pas tu, telah panadol...legaaa

We reached Haneda at 10.45 (Japan Time). Fortunately Abang was there to take care of things. If not, susah gak, due to communication problem...they cannot speak English kan.

We hurriedly took the train (macam ERL), turun dekatttt...lupe den...and took another train to Shibuya. After that, we took a taxi to Abang's house.

The taxi driver really have no idea where the location of my brother's house is, they fully depend on theeee...apa tu, electronic map dalam kereta tu...oooohh...yeah, GPS. Hmmm, mechanical sungguh Japanese nih.

sampai rumah, solat, minum teh and ready for sleep, sejuk la, tak yah mandi.

pukul 6 pagi, my handphone alarm blew off as usual. laaaa, terang benderang dah, tak leh tidur...bangun, dah ada breakfast...and write this photos yet guys...bubaiii

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