Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am about to retire for the day, and tomorrow, I will start working again..semangat!!!

I wonder whether the way my hubby and I lead my life may not be as normal for some people?...mmm

For example, I have not been cooking for three long months...imagine if kak nah is doing that, mahu mengamuk abang saya...huh

But I guess the way we lead our own life is different, and it is okay as long as you are not doing anything sinful anddd...you are happy with it.

Hubby and I lead a very simple life. Both of us are working and the earliest that I can reach home is around 6.30p.m. and you know what is the first question he asked when I reached home? yup..WFD? What's for dinner.

Usually, if both of us have had heavy lunch,we will opt for a light dinner. Dinner can be tosai, roti bakar, roti canai ataupun biskut mayat cicah air teh/kopi di rumah. Kadang-kadang makan maggi je...tapi lately hubby cannot stand the MSG from maggi, sooo, we avoid maggilah for the time being.

When we feel like eating nasi, husband selalunya mesti nak ada ikan, ikan besaq pulak tuh...tapi kalau makan ikan pun, the menu will be ikan and nasi only. Tiada tambahan sebab if not, mesti tidak habis, kan membazir.

As for weekends...well, it depends. We love to have breakfast out actually especially at Cili Merah. Yeah, having breakfast and reading newspapers...heaven!! There were also times when we simply skip breakfast and have lunch straight (you can imagine when lah kan?). As the place, we have many here in Shah Alam.

Hubby is the type that can really tahan perut bila lapar. In my mom in law's house, breakfast is serve at 11.30am, lunch at 4.30pm and dinner at 11.30pm. My hubby's side are really patient and seldom complain...heee. Unlike my side of family, my brother can ran amok if the food is served late, heh.

When both qualities are combined (hubby's family and mine), it becomes just us. It's nor Shuk's or mine, it is just us. It may not be suitable for others but that does not matter.We understand each other qualities and try to adapt, compromise and be happy...we may not be perfect but we are just trying to have the best that we can have, together...

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