Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Visit, Visit, Visit


It's Tuesday today, 16 June 2015. 

I have just read somewhere that Peej's MIL (Peej Burhan is a blogger) passed away this morning. Saya tumpang sedih! 

And yeah, I know I haven't been updating this blog the whole of last week guys, hiks, Last week was full of visits. 

On Monday, I went to Sipitang, which is about 3 hours away from KK. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in Lahad Datu. On Thursday, I went to Tenom, which is another 3 hours away from KK, and I had another visit on Friday, but the location of the company is not far from KK.

There were some photos taken, let's have a look:

hmmm...berangan jadi engineer sat...this photo was taken on my Monday's visit

On Tuesday, my colleague and I went to Lahad Datu. Lahad Datu is a very small town and for me, the most interesting thing about Lahad Datu is the airport. Yup, the airport is located next to the main road and it is very small. I have captured some photos  of the airport:

When I first arrived at the airport I was like "Mak, this airport is even smaller than Bandung's". Yup, the moment you arrived you need less than 2 minutes walk to walk out of the airport and get to you car/taxi. Heee

This is the depature hall, tengoklaaaa tempat nak check in luggage tu....

This has also fascinated me...yup, a replica of a hippo at a roundabout opposite the airport

I have also captured some photos on "kopi Tenom" during my visit there. Tenom is a very small town with almost nothing to offer but "Tenom Coffee" really makes my journey worthwhile. 

There were a few Companies that produce "Tenom Coffee" but we went to this company :

We were first served with this black coffee with sugar...hmmm, sedapppp :

Following the black coffee with sugar, they served us with espresso + vanilla ice-cream and another new type of coffee which I cannot remember the name. As a result of the many types of coffee we consumed, none of us were able to sleep during our trip back to KK. Ha ha, orang tua semua kan, bila terkena kopi, terus mata terbuka.

Tenom coffee is special because it is conventionally roasted using coal and as a result, Tenom's coffee has this special aroma which add value to the taste.

Okay lah, let's stop first with this post ya because I am already feeling sleepy...insyaa allah esok saya update lagi.

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