Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday after the Earthquake

6 June 2015


It's morning, 6.45 am. I planned to sleep again after subuh, but as usual, if it is on holiday, I cannot sleep. Maybe it is because I am afraid that another earthquake may happened...nauzubillah.

I managed to capture the peak of Kinabalu from my bedroom window this morning...I would like share it here...

Tiang letrik tu memang tak boleh ubah la kan, but this rarely happens because most of the time, the fog will block the view.

I am very sensitive to whatever noise that sound like soft thunder now. For me, to feel the tremor is one thing, but to be able to feel the tremor and listen to the noise at the same time is really effecting me. They say the noise came from the movement of earth during the earthquake and it is creepy, boleh buat bulu roma naik...ekekeke

Ok lah...di sini dulu...bubaiiiii

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