Friday, June 5, 2015

My First Earthquake Experience

Today is 5 June 2015.

Last night, I have some difficulty to fall asleep. Maybe it was due to the black coffee I took at around 9.00 pm. Mybody was feeling tired, but I only managed to sleep at 12.00 pm which is very late already for Sabahan.

I woke up early for my sahur because I plan to fast today. Since I am in Sabah, I have to wake up earlier, at 4.00 am, took a light meal, and after that perform my subuh prayer. At about 5.30, I went back to sleep, and I have set my alarm at 6.30 am for me to wake up and get myself prepared for work.

But at 6.30 am, I could not hear my alarm blew off and remained sleeping until I felt my bed shaking. It felt as if someone purposely rocked my bed and it was shaking. At the same time, I also heard noises that sound like a soft thunder. I woke up looked at my clock and was shocked because the time was already 7.15 am. 

But the tremor stays and so does the noises and I went straight to my windows to look at the mountain and thinking "ada volcanoes ke kat Sabah ni? Ada volcanoes nak meletup ke?" . But as usual, I cannot see the mountains since it was surrounded by a thick fog. 

After that, I quickly went to iron my office dress and took my bath. I continue wondering what had caused my bed to shake this morning. I even thought that "maybe it's the Jin who rocked my bed. The good ones of course, the ones who want me to wake up and go to work". Hiksss...

But once I arrived at my office, I received a message informing me on the earthquake and I tell you, I started to feel scared. It was not the jin who rocked my bed but it was an earthquake at M 6 scale and that was not small. 

And of course after that I was occupied. I have to send report to KL and tell them that we are alright and we will monitor any complaint received from companies if they were effected by the hit. I have to answer questions from friends/families who worry about my safety and now, I am feeling exhausted.

One of my colleague here is really worried especially with the safety of her children. But I am somehow, very calm. No doubt I am a little bit scared, but I am okay.

Hmmm...I have put my experience here to be shared with all of you...baru 6 skala richter, belum 8.5 lagi kan...nauzubillah. Semoga allah pelihara kita semua. Aaaamiin

Anddd...apahal aku cakap orang putih pulak ni?...hmmm

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