Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R o b i n W i l l i a m Passed Away Today

I was on my way to the office today when I first heard the news from Sinar FM. Yup, it was mentioned casually, as if RB is just an ordinary actor.
I decided to tune to Lite & Easy station after that, and yeah, baru lah rasa yang RB tu film star besar sikit.
Again...RB and I? I started to know him when he was "Mork" in "Mork & Mindy". If I am not mistaken Pam Dawber was "Mindy"...Sape ingat? Sape suka tengok show ni waktu kecik? I did, that's one thing for sure.
Lepas  "Mork & Mindy" saya menjadi lebih sensitive dengan kehadiran RB di dalam filem. Saya selalu ada perception yang kalau RB ada, filem tu selalunya best...heee...
Tapi lepas ni tak de lah lagi kut...I was informed that it was a suicide and he was under a lot of depression due to some financial problem. He was only 63 years old.
Good bye R o b i n  W i l l i a m...

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