Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kosong Kosong

Before I start, I would like to apologise for having to take out my post on my Division's raya party. I published the post yesterday morning, at the wee hours when I could not continue my sleep because of stomach ache. After I looked at it again yesterday afternoon, I felt that I have to add more pictures and more stories so that I could transfer the merry feeling to you my fellow readers...heee.
Let's start with the title I have today, kosong kosong.
Last Friday, my Division received this letter of transfer, yes, one colleague of mine (MK) was directed to go to another Division very very soon. Since the officer is working directly with me,  I am sad and feeling a little lost...yes, I feel kosong kosong....
MK and I have only started working in one team this year. We never really knew each other before but we never really had any major problem working toghether. And of course, after 8 months,  we have become closer and are both excited with our future work plans we have for this year.
We have also joined this one "public speaking club" together. Yup...both of us have this "problem" talking in public and decided to overcome it by learning the skill to become a good speaker.
The time spent working together to do work has also allowed us to know about each other better. Slowly, we become friends.
But I guess we just have to move forward. Of course with MK going, there will be another officer replacing her. And I have no doubt that the Division will survive somehow.
Let's hope for the best. Let's pray that the changes will do good to MK, also to the Division and even though it may not be easy, let's pray that we will have strength to face whatever challenges. Insyaa allah! 

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