Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rahsia RE part 2

Saya dah beli majalah NONA..hari Selasa saya dah beli, tapi sebab penat, saya put aside dulu, I only managed to read about Raja Ema last night, before I went to sleep.

Well, I know what is the secret of RE to loose weight. She takes rice only 2 times  a week and other than that, she takes wholemeal bread. She does aerobics too.

Lagi satu tu, dia ada buat masukkan benang kat muka dengan tangan dia...haaaa, macam mana tu? I have read this prevents the kenduran kenduran from berlaku...ho ho ho. That's why dia tak de double chin and all


Semalam juga saya telah menghadiri satu function di Istana Hotel. During lunch, I shared my table with my few friends, several Division's Directors from my organisation a few others including this one good looking Japanese lady.

We were served course by course food.

 The first course was black mushroom soup plus one piece of bun...yumsss, love it. Everybody loves the soup, the Japanese lady infact asked the waiter whether it is possible to have another bowl of soup, he he.

After that, the main dish. We can choose whether to have fish or chicken. It took quite a long time for the waiter to serve us therefore my friends and I took another piece of bun, to fill the time la konon. Nothing wrong with taking another piece of bun, but I realised that the ones who took extra bun were all having this overweight problem. In fact, the lovely Japanese lady stared at us as was trying to tell us..'please stop consuming that extra carbo'..hiks

After finishing up our main dish, we were served pemanis mulut lah..apa's like a jelly. It was really delicious and I finished up all...when I looked around, the Japanese lady plus the slim directors only consumed a small slice of the jelly...

Hmmm, conclusion? : you makan banyak, that's why you put on weight babe...jangan menyalahkan orang lain.


A friend of mine was admitted to IJN recently, the doctor suspected that there's blockage. They tried to install (I am not sure of the right work ya, so, pardon me) the stent, but the exercise failed. The doctors then carried out another test and found out that location of the blockage was actually at the main artery. My friend was actually like a walking bomb which can explode anytime.

My friend went for a by pass surgery, and thank god she is fine now. She called me and said that she is thankful that god has given her another chance to live.

Pengajaran untuk diri sendiri :...kena jaga makan dan kena comes together...Insya allah, encik suami, kita buat sama sama ye.


Okay lah...itu aja, saya banyak kerja ni sebenarnya

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