Sunday, July 19, 2015

From Ijok With Love


I am writing using my iPad and the auto correct system is on therefore I just have to use English because I do not know how to switch it off.

It is actually Sunday, the third day of eidul fitri and I am sitting in my room with my Tokbomo sleeping. The rest are also sleeping since they retired late last night. Luckily I bring my iPad that keeps me awake and occupied.

How's your eid?

Mine was ok, with lots of durian. But too much of durians in an empty stomach has caused an accumulation of gas that lead to drowsiness. I felt as if I wanted to vomit to the extend that I could not stand the smell of the food served...hicks...good, I cannot eat then, selamat diet aku.

But the second day of eid was different. I was feeling better and there were arrival of new foods. My sister in law has brought along rendang kerang, and my sister has brought the infamous rendang tok. My sister and I have also prepared sambas ikan bilis petai. Haiyooooo, mana bisa gue diet kalau begitu.

But hubby said " Makan cikbib, nanti balik KK, kita tak dapat dah makanan macam  ini".

We had another kenduri last night where we were served powerful curry with sambal belacan. Ouch...I have broken my no rice diet yesterday, but I was satisfied and I think I can continue dieting today...insyaa allah 

I need to stop....see you again next time

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  1. been a long time since i last visit your blog cik bib. somehow life got in between this routine of mine. takpa takpa, i plan to religiously follow your blog again now. hahah so keep the updates coming :)