Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life is not easy

I found this in my draft box...decided to post it anyway..

Saya saja nak share benda ni, mungkin ditujukan khas kepada anak anak sedara saya kut.

I have known this girl before, she used to be the receptionist at my division. She actually has got a degree from UUM, in Business Admin if I am not mistaken.

To be frank, I like her attitude. She is jovial, she handles situations well, visitors love her, in fact there are those who offered her a position at their co. but was rejected since most of them came from out of KL, her hubby is in KL, so she wants a job in KL

With her degree, she tried to find a permanent job in my organisation. Recently she was involved in the recruitement process until the final round where her name was suddenly dropped. Shocked, she went to seek clarification and was informed that even though she performed well in all the evaluation programmes, her name was dropped because he CGPA was only 2.99, it must be 3 and above if she is interested to join the organisation.

Hmmmm...she came to see me, and we talked...yeah, what can you do when you face such problem? Hmmm, since she is a Muslim, the word I used was 'Redha' or accept/believe that whatever happened, must be for a reason.

Personally I disagree with the idea of evaluating a person solely on their academic status. I have worked with many and if I were to select my own officer, I will select the one with the right attitude...especially with the ones that you have worked with before.

But for my anak sedara, you guys better work harder and whatever you do, make sure you do it well. The world is becoming more and more challenging nowadays..Good luck.

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